Campers know LIRV is where they get quality parts delivered quickly!

As with all of our operations at LIRV, we go far beyond the expected when it comes to parts. Our friendly and helpful representatives have the knowledge and experience to handle whatever questions or situations you may have regarding replacement parts or upgrades.

Just as important, our Parts and Accessories department is fully stocked with the finest quality replacement parts on the market, so we almost always have what you need readily available. And for most non-stock items, we can place an order overnight for next day delivery.

Let’s face it; When you want to get out there and enjoy the RV lifestyle, you don’t want to worry about finding parts and accessories when you need them. Thanks to LIRV, you’ll never have to again.

LIRV…Campers Know!

LIRV Parts Store

Nelson, formerly of Ozzies Camping Center

LIRV Parts Trailer

You can find our stocked parts trailer at the start of every season at the Suffolk Committee for Camping Kickoff to help you prepare for your new camping year, as well as a variety of other events at local campgrounds throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Or you can request our trailer to be on-site for any large campout activities.